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Education Programme

At Deal Me Out, our goal is to spread awareness of the risks of gambling-related harms, the signs of gambling-addiction, and share ways to support those who are experiencing gambling-related harm, either directly or as an affected other. 

Many of our team have life experiences linked to gambling-related harm, and so we understand the associated risks and the devastating effect these pastimes can have on individuals, their loved ones and the community.

We deliver the National Education and Gambling-Harms Awareness Programme for Wales, we are able to deliver a free ‘Gambling and Gambling Harm’ workshop to all clients based in Wales.


Each one of our workshops is specially developed by a team of professional educators and individuals with lived experience of the topics handled. Natural complements to the Health and Wellbeing Area of Learning for the new Welsh Curriculum (2022), our workshops advance public health conversations within traditional learning centres such as schools and universities, as well as in the public and private sectors, community, faith and charity settings, the criminal justice system, and beyond.

Our workshops are interactive and often include personal testimony and anecdotes about gambling addiction and the effect it has had on our team’s mental and physical health.


In addition, we are delivering workshops focusing on Esports, Gaming Addiction and Gambling Harms - an increasingly important area of focus, particularly with young people. 


Our workshops are designed to run for 60 minutes. However, we can flex this time constraint to suit your circumstances should the need arise.


All of our workshops are absolutely free of charge and available in both English and Welsh language.


Please see below for our full 2023/24 suite of workshops.

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“The workshop opened my eyes to the prevalence of gambling advertising with little reference to the harmful effects it can have. I will be including some of your stats in my own mental health awareness training.”


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