Education Programme

Through our experiences, we understand the risks associated with gambling and gaming and the effect these pastimes can have on people and the community. Education is a crucial element in our broader efforts to prevent the negative impact that gambling can have. By generating new knowledge and advancing public health conversations on the subjects of gambling and gaming-related harm, Deal Me Out aspires to improve population health and one of the ways in which we do this is through our three-part education programme.

Since 2019, Deal Me Out has delivered specialised workshops across Wales using both English and Welsh language. Following an influx of enquiries from across the UK, in 2021, we expanded into other territories and have quickly built up a broad spectrum of clients and connections across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland from a range of sectors, including but not limited to: schools, colleges, and universities, youth organisations, community and faith institutions, local government and public sector, the charitable and non-profit sector, private sector, elite and amateur sports clubs, the National Health Service, and the criminal justice system.

As the Gambling Commission’s chosen provider to deliver the national education and gambling harms awareness programme for Wales, we can deliver a free ‘Gambling’ workshop to all clients based in Wales. This workshop is part of a three-part programme covering Gambling, Gaming and Cryptocurrency, Trading & Investing.

Our workshops are interactive and, from time to time, will include personal testimony and anecdotes about gambling addiction and the role it played in our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

All our workshops are designed to run for 90-minutes. However, we can reduce the duration to suit your requirements upon request


“The workshop opened my eyes to the prevalence of gambling advertising with little reference to the harmful effects it can have. I will be including some of your stats in my own mental health awareness training.”