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Our Mission

Deal Me Out is proud to deliver the national education and gambling harms awareness programme for Wales. We aim to reduce the adverse impact of gambling on the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, communities, and society through education, prevention, and support. We do this by bringing education and training to the population about gambling and gaming-related harms and giving people the tools to help themselves and others.

Our client portfolio is vast and varied, delivering workshops to schools and youth organisations, the public and private sector, charities and non-profit organisations or associations, prisons, and other areas of the criminal justice system. In doing so, we are giving the wider public more excellent knowledge of gambling harms and issues that may arise because of gambling addiction.

Driven by lived experience and available in English and Welsh, we can deliver in-person and remote workshops. Prospective clients based in Wales are entitled to a free workshop in which attendees will learn how to recognise the signs of gambling-related harms, understand the impact and harms in affected others, and gain knowledge in respect of prevention tools and support services. Our workshops are far-reaching and not just limited to Wales; we have clients stretching across the whole of the United Kingdom.


“The children felt comfortable to talk openly and honestly about themselves and their gaming and gambling behaviours.”

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