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At Deal Me Out we understand the risks of gambling and gaming harm and the effect this can have on people and the community. 


We are passionate about what we do, using the power of lived experience and industry experience we deliver powerful and effective long term education and impactful short term awareness workshops on GRH


We deliver to:

 Schools, Colleges and Universities

Elite and amateur sports clubs and organisations

Community and faith institutions 

 NHS and public health sector 

The criminal justice system

Since 2019 we have been delivering specialised and bespoke workshops for communities across Wales using both English and Welsh language. At Deal Me Out we believe it is imperative to inform the general population of the potential for harm whilst gambling. Through population education Deal Me Out does not just aim to reach people with gambling disorder, but also aims to reach parents, girlfriends, boyfriends and children on the warning signs of gambling addiction, ways and means to sign post loved ones for support and how best to protect themselves from serious gambling related harm as an affected other. With Gambling addiction labelled the hidden addiction, it is our goal to make Wales the most informed nation in the world, thus driving a reduction in gambling related harms

Our services range from small workshops to large scale public speaking and full education programs. 

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