At Deal Me Out we strive to bring recovery services into the 21st century, providing long term aftercare support. DMO Connect is an innovative concept that combines weekly online events with quarterly live meets, enabling service users to discover new hobbies and interests, develop new skills, gain direction and restore confidence and self-esteem.

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DMO Connect is designed to combine exercise, physically and mentally engaging activities, and social interaction with people that have been through successful treatment of gambling and gaming related harm in order to rekindle relationships, rebuild professional and personal lives and prevent relapse

'The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety, The opposite of addiction is connection' - Johann Hari


As part of our DMO Connect Project, Service users will be invited to take part in Monthly Activities accompanied by DMO Mentors and Trained Professionals such as Climbing, Metal Detecting, Fishing, Trekking, Various Sports Events and much more!


We aim to provide a wide range of Online Activities that will coincide with our Live Events which will be accessible throughout Wales on a weekly basis and hosted by our lived experience mentors. To enquire about our Connect service please get in touch by using the form below

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