At Deal Me Out we strive to bring recovery services into the 21st century and provide long term support via group activities in conjunction with our one-to-one peer support. DMO Connect is an innovative concept that organises day trips and events for the victims of gambling-related harm, enabling them to discover new hobbies and interests, develop new skills, and restore confidence and self-esteem.

Research shows that exercise can help alleviate long-term depression, and there is good epidemiological data which suggests that active people are less depressed than inactive people. DMO Connect is designed to combine exercise, physically and mentally engaging activities, and social interaction with people that have experienced the same or similar. Achieving a greater sense of wellbeing will undoubtedly encourage service users to be more involved in other community activities too.

Please note that this programme is currently in the design phase and is expected to be available sometime in 2022.

We aim to provide a wide range of activities which will be accessible throughout Wales on a weekly basis and hosted by our lived experience mentors. To enquire about our Connect service please get in touch.