Marc Williams - Head of Education


Marc joined the team in November 2020 as Head of Education. After battling gambling addiction himself for over 17 years, professional footballer Marc has come on board to help educate people and raise awareness of addiction. 


“I lived in this cycle from the age of 20-25. The sleepless nights, the lies and the betrayal to my partner led to my first relationship breakdown. At first, I found it a relief she was gone as it enabled me to gamble freely without hiding it from her. This had an adverse effect and I conjured up my biggest loss in that 6 months; It had now become reckless. I had lost the value of money, I had lost the value of people but more importantly I had lost myself.”


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Meet the team

Jordan Lea - Chief executive officer

Jordan Lea decided to create Deal Me Out to help others whose lives are affected by gambling addiction. By sharing his own story, Jordan set out to help prevent gambling harm, raise awareness and provide support to those who need it. Jordan wants to show other addicts that they aren’t alone and that no matter how bad things get, there is always a way back.


“Throughout my gambling days I cursed my luck. "How can I be this unlucky? What have I done to deserve this?" I would say out loud to myself. When the fact is, I am the luckiest person in every room. My parents and girlfriend had been there through every bad time, never once giving up on me. Supporting me through thick and thin. Most gambling addicts aren't that lucky. ”

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Christopher Dean - Outreach facilitator

Chris joins the team in 2021 to help Deal Me Out grow it's outreach within communities in Wales, With 10 year in the hospitality trade, Chris knows all about how to best serve a community and build relationships with customers and service users. 

Chris is passionate about sharing his own experiences to help prevent gambling harms within Wales. 

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